Our Process

Process 1 – Understanding your requirement – We interact with your team to understand your requirement w.r.t. parameters like quality , grade, port of delivery, target price, packing etc. Our team does an in-depth analysis of your requirement to ensure that you get the product conforming to your requirements
Process 2 – Costing – To give you the most competitive pricing , we following a set procedure of cost analysis to ensure that our quotation is most competitive.
Process 3 – Quotation Submission – Our team prepares an official quotation and submits to you in maximum 3-5 working days from the date of your enquiry.
Process 4 – Order Acceptance – After receiving your Purchase Order, our team reviews and accepts your purchase order. This is to ensure that we understand all your requirements very clearly and we have enough capability to meet them.
Process 5 – Manufacturing/Sourcing –After order acceptance by the marketing team, the enquiry is passed to sourcing/manufacturing team. The experienced team ensures that the customer requirements are met within agreed period of time.
Process 6 – Dispatch –Once the material is ready, the material is packed as per customer requirements in bags/drums/cartoons in the most appropriate environment.